Vans Off The Wall

It’s official, the Vans ‘Off The Wall’ Spring Classic happening in Naples has kicked off today and will be providing us with skate entertainment until late Sunday. This event has established itself as something of a hot date in the Italian calendar, the skaters and spectators can all enjoy the coastal views, the ramps and course being right on the sea and some have already commented that it’s a rad mix of Californian spirit with Italian flair, whilst us lot unable to attend can at least watch the live stream and some awesome edits from the comfort of our own rocking chairs..


Over the past five years, this combination has created what has undoubtedly become one of the most laid back and enjoyable events in skateboarding, and the perfect opener to the contest season.


Attracting riders from all over Europe, as well as special guests from further flung locations, the standard of riding at the Vans “Off The Wall” Spring Classic continues to rise. 2013’s edition really saw the bar being raised, with some insane tricks going down, so with an improved ramp for this year, we can only expect to see it elevated once again.

Check out the Spring Classic website for more information



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