Warpaint's Jenny Lee Lindberg at Glastonbury 2011

Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg at Glastonbury 2011

Warpaint- by far some of the coolest ladies I’ve ever seen. Think 70’s skaters with the voices of psychedelic angels.

Warpaint were one of my highlights of Glastonbury 2011. They filled the John Peel stage with little to no effort, and had choreographed an impressive performance for us, including the swapping of instruments and a climax of simultaneous drum playing by fly bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg and all-round talented mutha Stella Mozgawa.

I first began listening to them by accident, and was instantly hooked to their mix of smokey vocals and rhythmic, dream-like sounds. I’ve never learned any of their lyrics and couldn’t hum to half of their songs, but this in no way means I’m not engaging. Their music is calm, repetitive, atmospheric and circular, hitting you like a wall of sound and wafting right over your consciousness. All of their instruments and voices blend together perfectly, stopping and starting to a smooth mix of harmonies and reverb. They ease you in, let you settle, and take you on an album-long journey that you’ll struggle to recall afterwards.

Warpaint released their first self-released EP in 2008, which spread like wildfire from LA, across the United States and into Europe. Their second album ‘The Fuel’ is what took them on tour, and like serendipity brought them to that great big tent in 2011, and ultimately to my heart.

Now I’m looking forward to new peaks of cool with their newest self-titled album ‘Warpaint’ which is due to be released in January next year. You can pre-order yours now for a lovely Christmas gift to yourself; because you deserve an hour or two of cool, calm peace after opening all of those presents.

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