World Bellyboard Championships 2011

September 2011 saw the 9th consecutive World Bellyboard Championships which takes place on the first Sunday of the month at Chapel Porth on the North coast of Cornwall. Unusually for me I didn’t don my piss-taking attire to take the plunge myself, however I did take a camera with me to record the goings on. The entire event is hosted by the National Trust and it’s an opportunity to grab a wooden board and throw yourself into the surf, swimming costumes, fancy dress allowed only. No wetsuits.


Image credit: thisiscornwall

“The event has gone truly global in recent years with entrants from Australia, New York, San Francisco and British Virgin Islands. It continues to grow from strength to strength, yet we hope remain connected to it’s fun roots. So dust down your old plywood stick, grab your brand new shaped model from the rack or unveil your homemade version.” – Robyn Davies, National Trust.

Whilst warm, dry, munching on a flapjack and having located the optimum perch to assess the hotness on the beach, I flipped the record switch on the camera and recorded some stuff, take a peek…



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